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Well worth a visit, very classy lady, pictures are accurate, easy set up, clean and call, great service

The Juicy Details Well worth a visit, very classy lady, pictures are accurate, easy set up, clean and call, great service


Check out my reviews on TheEroticReviews!


Check out my reviews on TheEroticReview!


I had a short fused trip come up to Ohio and decided to reach out to Scarlett rather last minute knowing it was a total long shot. To make matters worse, I was going to be working about 45 minutes away from Cincinnati where she is based making it even less likely, but you never know unless you ask. I saw the reviews for Scarlett and she just sounded too good to not give it a shot. I initially contacted her through 411 and decided I would send a follow up text the next day knowing I had read that she has a full time career and does this as a hobby and is a low volume provider. Late afternoon the next day, I get a text back asking me if I was there. I responded and she called me shortly thereafter and we discussed schedules. It was looking like it might need to be another time.

She texted back shortly after and made some changes and said she could come to my hotel the following evening. She sent me a few pics that were to die for and I just couldn’t say no. Game on! I had the darnedest time sleeping that night thinking about the next evenings plans. All I can so is omg! I am so glad I got to spend time with this incredibly wonderful and beautiful lady. She will take your breath away!

Non-VIP’s, run to see her in complete confidence for the time of your life. VIP’s read on…..
The Juicy Details
Scarlett was so nice to drive all the way to my hotel which was a good 45 minutes from Cincinnati based on my work schedule with clients. It made for a much earlier and more enjoyable evening for both of us. She texted mid-day just confirming and again when she left to head my way. My hotel was a little further than she expected but communication was great and she keep me well informed. I asked if she wanted me to make arrangements to leave her a card key so she could access the back entrance near the elevators, but she indicated she was very comfortable coming in the front and carried herself well and would be modestly dress kind a like a soccer mom. She texted upon arrival and I provided the room number and unlocked and asked her to come right in without knocking.

Moments later in walks the most stunning and breathtaking soccer mom you will ever meet. She waltzes in with a huge smile and personality the size of Texas and says, so what do you think? Still in awe, I said you are the hottest damn soccer mom I have even seen in my entire life and your so beautiful you would stop a clock. She sure as hell took my breath away.
She comes right over, gives me the big warm hug and the best DFK ever and that was just the beginning of an amazing evening. We sat on the couch for a few moments and got to know each other. She has a full time career and is very bright and a smart lady, but she is incredibly down to earth. She makes some extra revenue via the hobby, but make no mistake, she thoroughly enjoys doing this as much as we do guys. Scarlett’s body is beautiful and curvy with a set of D’s that are just perfect. Scarlett literally exudes sensuality and sexiness and is real professional at what she does and enjoys the hell out of it.

After some nice conversation, she headed to bathroom to change into something she brought that I might like. Moments later, she steps out in a hot and sexy lingerie set that would make a grown man cry. She’s wearing 5 inch heels and walks over begins wrapping herself around me. We start with a deep embrace with lots of DFK and my hands are wandering all over her beautiful body, her butt, and breasts. Before I know it, she drops to her knees and takes me completely in her mouth. I am standing there watching this incredibly beautiful lady devour me and I am beginning to get weak at the knees. We transition to the bed where we both shed the remaining clothes we have on and she begins taking me again in her mouth providing the best BBBJ I have ever experienced or watched. I had to slow her down multiple times to hold me off.

At this point, I wanted inside her so bad I could taste it. She wraps me up, hops on top and rides me CG for a good while. She starts getting close to an orgasm, so we ramp it up to help get her there quickly. The site of her beautiful perfect 36D’s bouncing in my face was almost too much to handle. At that point I had her roll over to let her relax a little while I got to enjoy DATY. She is bare and beautiful down there too guys. She is clean and fresh and we both enjoyed it thoroughly. From there we transitioned to MISH for a good while and I got to enjoy her beautiful breasts in my mouth and lots of DFK’s all while thrusting deep the whole time. I want to take her K9 and oh what a treat. I love breasts dearly as most of us do. However, butts just make me nuts, so we quickly transitioned and she moved down to the edge of the bed and got on her knees while I stood and took her from behind. That sight will be forever indelibly burned in my brain. OMG. She knows how to time it just right with thrusting back so you both meet in the middle for deep penetration that was totally amazing.

We were now in the home stretch and she offered to take me home with an amazing BBBJCIM. I couldn’t say no to that and off we went. Scarlett begins taking me deep and sloppy and began ramping up the pace and it wasn’t long before I blew my load in her mouth and she stayed on me making sure she swallowed every last drop I had. I collapsed in total and complete bliss while she cleaned me up.

We spent the remaining time cuddling and talking and she shared that she has a lovely sexy friend who she does duo’s with too. As she put it, her duo’s are something that I need to add to my bucket list. If it is anything even close to my session with Scarlett, we all need to put it on our bucket lists.

PS - If you have not seen Scarlett before, you must get on her schedule to spend time with this wonderful and beautiful lady. I am certain you will repeat many times. I sure as hell will!

Guys, Scarlett is one special lady. Treat her right,


I met Scarlett via P411 while in Cincinnati on business. We set a time and ended up running late due to traffic. Once she got there she was very excited to meet me, dressed the way I asked and was ready to go.
The Juicy Details
Scarlett is very sweet and very into her hobby. She loves sex. Unfortunately, her monthly visitor hit her after we made arrangements so we were a bit limited in what we could do. She gave a GREAT BBBJ and was a fantastic DFK. She did have an insert of some type and we were some cleanup. I was bummed as there was no second shot to be had. I will definitely call her again when I am in town as I would like to give her another shot. Fantastic, sensual woman who wants to please her clients.